FAQ: Is Kratom legal in my country?

It is best to research the legal status of Kratom in your country before you order it Online. Many stores and webshops are unable to shed any light onto this matter as this would constitute legal advice. Generally, they are only able to recite legal information that they have available.

FAQ: Is it okay to consume mouldy Kratom?

Kratom with mould is to be discarded as it is likely no longer safe to consume.

FAQ: How can I prevent Kratom nausea?

To prevent unwanted side effects such as nausea, make sure to only take the lowest effective dose. If you are relatively new to Kratom, you can start by taking a gram and seeing how you react to it. You may increase your dose by another gram after 45 minutes if you’re not getting the results you’re after. However, don’t take any more if you start feeling close to your desired effecs.

It’s best to build up gradually over time, rather than going too far. Wait at least another 4 hours before taking another dose when you find your bliss point. Be sure to take the type of Kratom and its origin into account as these can affect the potency.

Be sure to measure your dose as well, don’t just eyeball it. A digital scale is a great investment and needn’t cost the earth.

Scale Fuzion FA (500 X 0.1g)

(FAQ) Scale Fuzion FA (500 X 0.1g)

Scale Dipse EQ-100 (100 X 0.01g)

(FAQ) Scale Dipse EQ-100 (100 X 0.01g)

Scale Tanita 1479Z (200 X 0.1g)

(FAQ) Scale Tanita 1479Z (200 X 0.1g)

Having a light meal with antacids about 30 minutes propior to Kratom can also help prevent nausea. Think of foods with a high alkaline PH level, such as most fruits and vegetables, soybeans, nuts, seeds and legumes, etc. Don’t eat too much though; too much food and Kratom are a recipe for disaster.

FAQ: Should I take tollerance build up into account with Kratom?

Your body may start building up a tollerance to Kratom over time, if used frequently. To prevent this from happening, you shouldn’t take Kratom more than once a week, preferably even only once or twice a month.